Monday, December 6, 2010

My mad attack on Norman Spector's mad attack...

...on WikiLeaks' mad attack on Canada.

I'm a Canadian citizen, I grew up here, and I'm very proud of my country and its traditions, and still am even though some people, particularly the Conservative Party of Canada and its ideological fellow travellers, apparently would like to dispense with the law, and rule instead by Divine Right.

Norman Spector, who I think loves Canada, but maybe not so much the rule of law, has fulminated against WikiLeaks who have released an American diplomatic cable that describes "critical infrastructure" for the USA that also affects Canada. As far as I can tell, all the targets are obvious and in the public domain. I think one was left out though, and I'm here to fill in the details with my own act of treachery.

Winnipeg, Manitoba is home to the Royal Canadian Mint,

and the National Microbiology Laboratory,

the latter facility being the only lab in the country that could figure out if some innocent package Fedexed from a sketchy address in Yemen and addressed to a Canadian synagogue, actually contained Ebola Virus. Both of these organizations are critical to Canada's infrastructure. They both need water.

It may not be widely appreciated, except by the residents of northwestern Ontario, southeastern Manitoba, the citizens of Winnipeg, and observant users of the Trans-Canada Highway between Winnipeg and the Ontario border, but now every terrorist in the world will know, that Winnipeg gets its water supply from Shoal Lake, which is part of the Lake of the Woods, via a pipeline. Any competent terrorist should easily be able to purchase fertilizer in Manitoba inconspicuously - it is farming country - and for added convenience there is a rail line that follows the course of the pipeline.

This detailed information can be found at the fabulous Natural Resources Canada website.

So, over to you, Norm. You'll never take me alive.